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Updated: May 28


During the month of January, while Australia was alight with bushfires, the MFW family came together to raise money for Victorians in need who had been affected by the bushfires. We want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated and helped us in supporting the Victorian bushfire victims when they needed essential items most. Meat Flour Wine was presented with a GIVIT certificate of appreciation. We are very proud to have supported such a wonderful cause. If you would like to donate to people in need, please click on the logo below.

FROM THE BAR We're incredibly excited to introduce you to our recently launched Meat Flour Wine Cocktail Co. Our classic cocktails are prepared in-house by our sophisticated bar team, capturing the flavours of each recipe in a single serve bottle. Simply pour, garnish and sip away.  Enjoy our Negroni recipe below or order our pre-made cocktails for home. 


EVERY COCKTAIL HAS A STORY Here’s a quick look into the history of the classic Campari drink’s journey from a small cafe in Florence to every bar in the world. It was inside Caffe Casoni that the story begins with the nobel Camillo Negroni ordering an Americano after recently returning from England. Having learned about gin from his travels abroad, he asked the bartender to make his drink stronger by adding his recently found new favourite liquor to his drink. The drink became a success and not long after, the Negroni family founded the Negroni distillery which produced a bottled version of the cocktail that they called Antico Negroni. Nowadays, experimenting is welcomed with the use of popularly used Vermouth called Antica Formula. London dry-style gin is recommended but of course, have a play around and test your Negroni out with different gins of your choice.

DRIVE-THROUGH TAKEAWAY AVAILABLE NOW Winter is fast approaching, so don't get your hair wet when you pick up your food at Meat Flour Wine. We've created a convenient, safe and hassle-free drive-through, designed for when you pick up your take-away from us. Simply call us on 9580 2000 to place your order and we will run your food from our kitchen to your car!

MOTHER'S DAY BOXES We had a huge amount of our delicious Mother's Day boxes ordered last week. We love seeing your images via social media so please keep sending them through. Thanks to everyone for your continued support towards Meat Flour Wine. 

Tuesday - Sunday: 11:30am - LATE 
Public holidays may vary
Address: 248 Boundary Road, 
Braeside, 3195.
Phone: (03) 9580 2000
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